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How to capture stunning landscape photos with your iPhone


Tell me if this sounds familiar.

You could be on a road trip exploring a new area...

Or you could be strolling around your local park with your family…

When you suddenly come across a view that’s just too good to be true.

So you grab your iPhone and take a couple of shots…

But for some reason, these photos look nothing like the view in front of your eyes.

They’re flat and lifeless. They just don’t capture the beauty you’re seeing.

I bet you’ve had this experience more than once...

And you’re definitely not alone.

Even the most beautiful views often result in poor landscape photos

On the surface, landscape photography looks easy…

Just find a stunning location, and take a few photos of what you’re seeing.

But anyone who’s tried it knows how difficult it is to show that beauty in a photo.

When you’re taking a landscape photo, you compress a three-dimensional scene into a two-dimensional image. And the beauty of the scene is usually lost in that process…

That’s why world-class views often result in flat images that are average at best.

And it’s particularly painful if you only get one chance to visit that location.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Beautiful landscape photo by Clifford Picket

Clifford Pickett shot and edited all photos on this page with his iPhone.
You’ll see exactly what he did to create these stunning images in iPhone Landscape Mastery.

You can capture exceptional landscape photos even in ordinary locations

Here’s the funny thing about landscape photography...

There are specific techniques you need to use to take stunning landscape photos.

The only way to capture the beauty of a world-class landscape is to use these techniques.

But as soon as you master these techniques…

You’ll be able to capture incredible landscape photos even in your local area!

You’ll have the power to take an ordinary view – such as a field or forest – and turn it into an extraordinary photo! You don’t need to live near the mountains to take stunning photos.

Now, you’re probably curious to learn more about these landscape photography techniques.

Of course, you have to know which buttons to press (and we’ll definitely cover that).

But at the end of the day, there are only two things you need to get right...

Light and composition make this image special

There are two things that make this image special – light and composition.

Light and composition determine the quality of your landscape photos

As photographers, we often fall into the trap of overcomplicating things.

We think that we need the best gear, the best apps, the best camera settings…

And while these things are helpful, they’re actually not as important as people think.

Even the best gear won’t make a difference unless you get light and composition right.

In fact, the most iconic landscape photos in the world (think Ansel Adams) were captured with gear that was far less capable than your iPhone. That’s the power of light and composition.

Now, you can’t control light...

But if you know what to look for, you can show up at the right place at the right time.

And you can take the right photos for the light conditions that you have available.

But composition is an entirely different story…

Simple composition technique in iPhone landscape photo

This photo is based on a simple composition technique that works every time.

Create images that are uniquely yours

While you can’t control light, you’re in complete control of composition.

And composition is what separates a quick snapshot from a truly incredible image…

You see, anyone can point their iPhone towards a famous view and press the shutter.

But how can you capture an image that’s different from everyone else’s photos?

Well, that’s where your ability to compose comes in.

Every time you take a photo, you have to carefully think about where you stand, how you compose your image, what you include in the frame, what you leave out of the frame…

That’s how you can create images that really show off the true beauty of a location…

And that’s why Cliff will talk about composition over and over again in this course.

iPhone Landscape Mastery

iPhone Landscape Mastery Course Cover

iPhone Landscape Mastery is a breakthrough online photography course.

In this course, you’ll join Clifford Pickett on an unforgettable journey through the Italian Alps.

As you’re learning photography, you’ll be exploring world-famous locations in the Dolomites…

While also finding beauty in ordinary scenes along the way!

You’ll be watching over Cliff’s shoulder as he shows you every landscape photography tip and technique he’s discovered in his successful career as a professional photographer.

You’ll be there as Cliff is searching for photos, working out the best composition, waiting for the perfect light, running around to capture stunning sunset shots – all while having tons of fun!

With eight hours of practical in-the-field lessons, this course is the closest thing you can get to a private one-on-one photography workshop...

But you can take this course from the comfort of your home!

You can watch the videos at any time, and return to the course at any point in the future.

This course reveals all the landscape photography techniques you need to know.

But it’s so much more than just an online course...

Tell a story with photo

Cliff was able to tell a story in this photo by placing his friend in this natural frame.
It’s a powerful technique that anyone can use to improve their landscape photos.

An experience you’ll never forget

Forget about boring classroom-style lessons that almost feel like work...

With iPhone Landscape Mastery, you’ll be joining Cliff on an adventure of a lifetime.

Filmed over three weeks during fall foliage in the Dolomites, this course will show you how to create your own unique images in some of the most iconic photography spots in the world.

And we’ve gone out of our way to make this the most beautiful online course in the world!

With our stunning over-the-shoulder videos, you’ll literally feel like you’re right there with Cliff.

And you’ll understand exactly what Cliff thinks and does as he’s taking stunning iPhone photos.

You don’t need prior experience to participate in this course. You’ll be shocked by how easy it is to absorb this information and develop an intuitive understanding of light and composition.

With Cliff’s fun and relaxed approach, you’ll always be looking forward to the next video...

And your iPhone photography will improve in ways you couldn’t possibly imagine!

Using long-exposure in iPhone photos

Why does the water shine so much? That’s because this is a long-exposure photo captured
over a period of 15 seconds. You’ll soon know how to do this on your iPhone!

Take the best photos of your life

Simply watch Cliff’s entertaining videos, apply the things you’ve learned…

And soon you’ll be taking the kind of landscape photos you never thought possible!

Just imagine:

But the only way you can get these results is with proper expert guidance.

So one option is to participate in Cliff’s famous landscape photography workshops.

But these workshops are out of reach for most people...

Incredible light only lasts for a couple of minutes

This incredible light only lasted for a couple of minutes. But what a difference it made!

An outstanding experience.
Everywhere you go.

Learn anywhere with an internet connection...

Or watch this course offline using our iPhone app.

And in case you get stuck or have any questions...

We’re here to help every step of the way!

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You see, this is a breakthrough online course. Nothing like this has been created before.

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We know that you’ll love this course so much that you literally won’t stop talking about it!

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FREE Bonus: How to edit your landscape photos on iPhone

iPhone Landscape Mastery - Before/After
iPhone Landscape Mastery - Before/After

You’ll soon know how to create edits like this on your iPhone. Move the slider above
to see the difference between the original and edited versions of this photo.

Your favorite landscape photos won’t be complete until you’ve carefully edited them.

In this bonus section, Cliff will show you exactly how he edits his best landscape photos using the Photos app on the iPhone as well as his favorite photo editing tool – Lightroom Mobile.

Even if you’ve never edited photos before, Cliff will get you up to speed with editing in no time.

After covering the basics, Cliff will reveal his legendary photo editing secrets that he uses to change the light in his photos, remove unwanted objects, make the colors pop, and more.

With the help of Cliff’s photo editing secrets, your photos will soon take on an entirely new look!

You’ll even get access to Cliff’s unedited photos to practice these edits on your iPhone.

Yours: FREE

FREE Bonus: iPhone Landscape Photography with Rory Tucker

iPhone Landscape Photography With Rory Tucker

In addition to Cliff’s incredible lessons, we’re adding two more sections to this course!

These bonus lessons are presented by Rory Tucker, an accomplished iPhone photographer with over 100,000 followers on Instagram (@rorytucker).

You’ll be joining Rory in some of his favorite landscape photography locations near his home in the beautiful Squamish, British Columbia.

You’ll be standing over Rory’s shoulder to see how he approaches the scene to capture extraordinary iPhone photos of a rocky beach and a magnificent waterfall.

You’ll also discover Rory’s favorite photo editing tips using Snapseed and VSCO apps.

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FREE Bonus: Personalized photo feedback

Bonus 3

Imagine always having an expert photographer with you…

Who reviews all aspects of your photos…

And tells you exactly how to improve them.

Sound too good to be true?

Now it’s possible thanks to our advanced AI technology.

Get practical, high-quality feedback in seconds…

So you’ll always know how to get better!

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FREE Bonus: iPhone Landscape
Photography eBook by Andrew Hector

iPhone Landscape Photography eBook Cover

On top of all the videos, you’ll also get this landscape photography eBook for free!

This eBook is written by Andrew Hector, an incredibly talented landscape photographer with over 62,000 followers on Instagram (@andrewhektor).

In this beautifully-crafted eBook, Andrew reveals his favorite iPhone landscape photography tips and techniques that will help you take your landscape photography to the next level.

This bonus eBook is a fantastic way to deepen your understanding of the powerful landscape photography tips and techniques that you’ll discover in iPhone Landscape Mastery.

Since you can keep this eBook on your iPhone, it’s also a convenient reference that you can revisit when you’re out and about taking photos and it’s not convenient to watch videos.

Yours: FREE

FREE Bonus: Daily photo tips

CamGuru Quick Tips screenshot on iPhone

To keep pushing your photos to new heights...

You must keep up with the latest tricks and techniques.

Stay ahead of the crowd with our daily photo tips...

So you never run out of creative ideas!

Value: /year
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Total bonus value:

Free when you sign up today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Clifford Pickett is a professional photographer and a renowned photography instructor.

Brands like Clinique, British Airways, and National Geographic hire him for high-budget projects.

You’ll be watching over Cliff’s shoulder as he shows you every landscape photography tip and technique he’s discovered in his successful career as a professional photographer.

Despite his advanced skills in DSLR and aerial photography, Cliff is first and foremost an iPhone photographer. The iPhone camera helps Cliff focus his attention on what’s truly important.

Cliff has an incredible gift not only for teaching his favorite iPhone photography techniques but also for inspiring his students to find unique shots and appreciate the beauty of the world.

Emil was in Italy with Cliff and a team of filmmakers to produce this course.

He was also in charge of our all-star video editing team to ensure that iPhone Landscape Mastery is not only stunning but also filled with useful tips that will improve your photos.

By combining Cliff’s passion and photography techniques with Emil’s extensive experience in online education, our team was able to produce this breakthrough photography course.

This is a photography online course. It’s specifically designed to help you capture the best landscape photos possible with your iPhone, no matter where in the world you live.

By watching over Cliff’s shoulder as he’s taking stunning pictures, you’ll develop an intuitive understanding of the two things that matter the most in photos – light and composition.

From time to time, Cliff will also share some big picture ideas that will help you get the most out of your photography experience. But make no mistake – this is a practical online course.

iPhone Photo Academy, which is our introductory course, covers everything you need to know to capture incredible iPhone photos. It’s the perfect first step in iPhone photography.

This course will take your iPhone photography one step further. You’ll be standing over Cliff’s shoulder as he’s finding, composing, and capturing truly breathtaking landscape images.

In the process, Cliff will talk about light and composition over and over again, helping you develop an intuitive understanding of these essential landscape photography concepts.

After this course, you’ll be taking the most stunning landscape photos of your life!

No previous experience is necessary to participate in this course.

When Cliff introduces a new technique, he explains exactly what he’s doing in plain English without assuming any prior knowledge. So you’ll understand everything at all times.

And in case you ever get stuck, you can ask any questions under each video, which will be promptly answered by one of our experienced team members.

Absolutely! You might be familiar with some of the things that Cliff teaches, but you’ll still discover new tricks and techniques to make your landscape photos more interesting.

This won’t just be a course covering the golden hour and common composition guidelines.

Cliff will go much deeper into how he approaches photography, how he decides where to stand, how to compose his images, what to include in the frame, what to leave out, and more…

If you’re worried that you already know everything in this course, we encourage you to sign up anyway, go through a few modules, and get a refund if you’re not learning new things.

No matter how much experience you have, there are always more things to learn!

We recorded this course in the Dolomites, which is a stunning area for taking photos.

But you don’t need to visit famous locations to capture stunning iPhone landscape photos.

By applying Cliff’s light and composition techniques, you’ll know how to recognize amazing photo opportunities even in ordinary locations where other photographers see nothing.

You don’t need to live near the mountains to take stunning landscape photos!

This course contains about eight hours of practical in-the-field video lessons.

You can watch these videos from the comfort of your home at any time that’s convenient.

The lessons are relatively short (about 10 to 15 minutes), which is perfect for busy students.

Where relevant, the videos feature a live recording of the screen of Cliff’s iPhone so you can see exactly what he’s doing and which buttons he’s pressing to create specific effects.

And in case you ever get stuck, you can ask any questions under each video, which will be promptly answered by one of our experienced team members.

This is an online course that you can take anywhere in the world. All lessons are pre-recorded (and you’ll keep lifetime access to everything) so you can watch this course at any time.

The entire course is self-paced, and you can rewatch the videos later on in the future.

Of course, you can also watch all the videos on your smartphone or tablet.

Exceptional Landscape Photo by Clifford Picket

You’ll soon be able to capture incredible landscape photos like this with your iPhone.

You can spend as much or as little time as you want. You’ll get lifetime access to all course material, so there’s no need to complete the course within a specific time period.

You can complete this course at your own pace and come back to the videos later when you want to revisit the material or work on improving certain aspects of your photography.

You’ll keep lifetime access to all course material. That way you’ll always be able to review the lessons in the future. And you’ll have plenty of time to catch up in case you fall behind.

Your current iPhone model will work for this course and allow you to take great photos.

Any iPhone can be used to capture both poor and stunning photos. It’s far more important that you learn to understand light and composition, which will be the main focus of this course.

If you have an iPhone with multiple lenses, you’ll enjoy more flexibility when composing your photos, but it’s definitely possible to capture stunning images with a single-lens iPhone.

In fact, I’ve captured some of my favorite iPhone photos with my ancient iPhone 5S!

You can complete this course with any camera or smartphone, not just the iPhone.

Cliff will be using his iPhone throughout the course, but since the majority of videos will talk about light and composition, you’ll be able to apply these techniques to any camera.

The majority of our students are not good with technology. So even if you feel like you know nothing about technology, you won’t fall behind in iPhone Landscape Mastery.

All technical concepts are described in simple terms while avoiding unnecessary jargon, which allows people from all age groups to successfully participate in iPhone Landscape Mastery.

And in case you ever get stuck, you can ask any questions under each video, which will be promptly answered by one of our experienced team members.

This course comes with carefully proofread subtitles for anyone who can’t hear the audio.

If English isn’t your first language, the subtitles will also help you understand the course better.

There are currently no subtitles in other languages besides English.

If you want to request a refund, send an email to within 30 days of your purchase and you’ll get 100% of your money back, no questions asked.

You don’t have to make the final decision about participating in the course right now. Just sign up to lock in your discount, see if you like the course, and then make your final decision.

Of course, we can only afford this guarantee because we know how great the course is.

We use advanced encryption and security to protect your payment information. Your private data is never shared with anyone. We can’t even see your credit card details ourselves.

In case you don’t like paying by credit card online, you can also pay with your PayPal account.

And of course, you're also protected by our generous 30-day money-back guarantee.

You can choose to pay in installments during checkout. If you select this option, three monthly payments of will be charged.

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You’ll have an intuitive understanding of light and composition, which will help you regularly capture the kind of iPhone photos that will make your heart sing.

When you post your photos on social media, the likes just won’t stop coming in...

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But these things will only happen if you sign up now before the discount ends.

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